Comparison with McGranaghan's clj-stacktrace

clj-stacktrace parses exceptions into data, and then provides some creature comforts for printing, colorizing, etc. The parsing part is a key element of the new plan as well, and I hope to adopt a significant fraction of the clj-stacktrace naming conventions and code.

Comparison with Raek's proposal

The "throwable maps" idea is very similar to what I am proposing here. The other half of Raek's proposal works to split host integration and arbitrary dispatch. I hope to avoid this split. Instead:

I don't think the performance concerns that drive the protocol/multimethod split apply to exception handling. Exception handling is exceptional, and should be able to afford (slightly) slower dispatch.

Comparison with Gilardi's Contrib Condition

Comparison with Chouser's Contrib Error-Kit

error-kit does not try to unify with host exceptions. This gives it the freedom to do several things:

Since I am hoping to unify better with Java exceptions, none of these design options are open or relevant.

Comparison with Sierra's Lazytest